Impression Kit Guide

Please read these instructions all the way through or watch the full video before you begin

1 Before you begin

Make sure impression trays fit comfortably in your mouth.

Put an empty tray into your mouth to make sure it fits correctly. This is very important to making a good first impression.

Impression Kit ImageImpression Kit Image

2 Mixing putty

Only mix putty for one tray at a time. Be sure to grab a timer.

Take one “Dark” putty container and one “Light” putty container and quickly mix putty together to form one solid color. The putty hardens quickly, so be sure to do this within 30 seconds.

Impression Kit ImageImpression Kit Image

3 Prep your tray

Prep one tray at a time.
  • Roll putty into a 4-inch long cylinder and place inside the tray.
  • Make sure putty fills the entire tray, so that we can capture all of your teeth.
Impression Kit ImageImpression Kit Image

4 Impression time

Most bad impressions are caused by not biting hard and deep enough into the putty.
  • Using your fingers, center the prepared tray over your teeth and bite all the way into the putty — almost all the way through.
  • Using continuous pressure, press and hold for 3 1/2 minutes.
Impression Kit ImageImpression Kit Image

5 Removing Impressions

Remove tray once impression putty is firm. Putty takes 3 1/2 minutes to harden.

Using your fingers, carefully remove tray by pulling down (upper tray) or up (lower tray) until free from your teeth and set aside.

Important: DON’T touch impression material when removing or afterward, as it can alter your impression.

Impression Kit ImageImpression Kit Image

6 Ready. Set. Repeat.

Now that you’re a pro, it’s time to repeat steps 2 - 5 for the remaining trays.

Impression Kit Image

Returning your impressions

  • Place all impressions back into the impression tray box.
  • Seal the impression tray box in the USPS pre-paid envelope, and drop it in the mail.

Don’t have time to drop off your impressions?

Schedule a USPS pick-up